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Secure French Doors from Burglars with These Helpful Tips!

French doors have become a popular option among homeowners since they add elegance and beauty to any space. Since many of them are mostly made of glass panels, they also allow property owners to enjoy beautiful views of their lawn and garden without having to leave the interior of their home. However, despite the visual appeal they provide, French doors are notoriously tricky to fortify since their design inherently paves the way to several security risks. The good news is that property owners can mitigate these risks by installing a French door security bar, investing in durable glass films, and taking many other steps.

Effective Ways to Improve Your French Door’s Security

While French doors can be challenging to secure, this doesn’t mean you have to stop yourself from getting them or not even try to secure them! There are many ways to fortify the French doors in your property and make them more challenging to break into, such as the following:

1. Make sure they’re properly installed.

Your French doors should be the perfect size for your door frame. If they’re too big, you won’t be able to close them all the way, and if they’re too small, the panels will have a large gap in the middle that will make them less secure. Don’t hesitate to replace French doors that are the wrong size! You might have to spend a bit more upfront, but it’s worth the peace of mind knowing that your doors are properly secured and that they’ll add value to your property.

2. Update the door hardware.

If your French doors are several years old, you’ll want to check if their hinges are still in good shape. If they’re bent, rusted, or have any other signs of damage, replace them as soon as possible since faulty hinges can make your doors weak and easy to break into.

3. Invest in security bars.

Since installing modern locks can be quite expensive, we recommend getting a French door security bar from trusted companies like Doorricade. Our French door security bar, designed with stainless-steel hinge brackets and premium-grade aluminum bars, can effectively create a solid barrier for inward-opening doors and prevent burglars from easily gaining access to your home. As a result, you’ll get to sleep soundly, knowing that your French doors won’t budge an inch regardless of who’s trying to kick them in.

4. Strengthen the glass with window film.

If your doors have glass panels, you might feel like a French door security bar will not provide enough safety, which is why we also recommend window films. Security films are formulated to quickly and effectively bond with the glass and make it stronger and tougher.

If your French doors have security films, the glass shards will stay together upon impact instead of breaking apart into little pieces, which increases the risk of injuries and compromises the security of your property. Security films are offered in clear, transparent variants that allow you to enjoy your garden views without any obstruction, but they’re also available in patterned or frosted versions that prevent burglars from easily seeing into your house.

Get in Touch with Our Door Barricade Experts!

Use the tips above to improve the security of your French doors and keep burglars away from your property. Don’t worry since many companies can help you with this process! If you’d like to purchase a French door security bar, for example, you can always reach out to Doorricade.

We provide durable and high-quality security bars in a wide range of sizes, so you can easily find a bar that will work well for your French doors. Learn more about our dependable products today by giving us a call!

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