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Here’s Why You Should Install Security Bars on Your Property

With rising crime rates and increasing instances of residential break-ins, many homeowners nowadays are looking for ways to secure their property and prevent burglars from gaining access to their private space. Fortunately, if you’re in the same boat, there is no need to fret since there are many solutions that you can explore! One of these is to install a door security bar in your front and back doors as well as bedroom doors, office doors, and more.

Investing in security bars might not be the first thing that comes to mind if you’re wondering how to reinforce a door. However, it’s actually one of the best steps you can take since it lets you enjoy numerous benefits, such as the following:

You’ll make your property more difficult to access.

Installing security bars involves attaching a swing-away bracket on each side jamb, and the brackets come with hinge catches that are designed to cradle the bar snugly. With this particular design, your security bar will strengthen inward-facing doors and make it difficult for anyone to kick them in or slam through them. If you need help securing the front door from intruders, or if you keep sensitive files in your home office and have to protect them from prying eyes, your best option is to install a security bar.

You won’t need to spend a lot of time.

One of the best things about installing security bars is that it doesn’t require rare tools or involve complicated processes. As long as you have a power drill, you can install your barricade door security bar in just a few minutes and make your home safer and more secure without a lot of fuss.

You can secure all of the doors on your property.

Security doors aren’t just made for the standard 36-inch door; since they’re available in different sizes, you can get one for each type of door in your home and make it more secure. If you have French doors, for example, you can look for security bars that are up to 72 inches long and are designed to fit wide doors. Aside from installing a French door security bar, you can also search for 30-inch to 34-inch bars that are made for narrower doors.

You’ll have peace of mind.

When you rely not just on front door security locks but also on a door jammer like a security bar, you have the assurance that you’re effectively keeping out burglars and vandals and protecting your property from crime. This, in turn, will give you peace of mind and help you sleep better at night.

Security bars are some of the best front door security devices you can use in your home. If you need additional information about these products, or if you’re ready to install them on your property, reach out to Doorricade right away! We provide durable and high-quality door security bars to our customers, and we offer our products in a wide range of sizes to accommodate all types of residential doors. Give us a call today!

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