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A Simple Guide on How to Reinforce a Door

These days, being at home doesn’t mean being completely safe anymore. With the growing number of burglaries around the country, elevating your home’s security has already become a necessity. Forceful entry is one of the most common methods that burglars use to gain access to your house, so it’s only fitting to make sure that your doors won’t be broken down easily by reinforcing them. To learn the best ways how to reinforce a door, keep reading:

✔ Strengthen your door frame.

No matter how strong your locks are, if your door frame is only an inch thick, repeated force will still make the frame break. So, it’s imperative to learn how to reinforce a door frame by adding a layer of steel that will keep it from splitting apart when burglars try to use force to gain entry. Place the steel over your door jamb to make your door frame stronger. You can also use a door jammer that’s easy to install and will provide that extra layer of protection to your door frame.

✔ Reinforce your lock.

Door locks have evolved throughout the years, but so have burglars. In fact, having old locks increases your risk of getting robbed since these offenders know how to pick these locks and gain entry to your house. This is why door lock reinforcement is so important, and you can do that by changing your old locks and adding a door security bar that will make it extra hard for intruders to open your doors. Some states even require homes to have single deadbolt locks for front and balcony doors, so you can only lock and unlock the deadbolt from the inside, and even for these doors, you can have a door security bar installed. If you’re wondering how to reinforce a door in your home, no matter the size or location, a door security bar is the best choice for your inward-opening doors!

✔ Secure your door hinges.

Hinges are an essential part of your door since it connects your door to the door jamb. So, if you want your door to be extra secure, you must ensure that you’re using the right door hinges. Many homeowners also add safety studs to make their door hinges a lot stronger. Combine this with a good door security bar, and even the most experienced intruders will have difficulty gaining access to your home through your doors.

✔ Make sure the burglar knows they can be seen.

Finally, you also need to make sure that your house is well-equipped with deterrents. For instance, your entire property should be well-lit at night to intimidate intruders from trying to gain access to your home since they can easily be seen. You should also invest in CCTV cameras that will allow you to monitor your house even if you’re away. According to research, homes with CCTV cameras are less likely to get burglarized than those that don’t have any cameras.

Indeed, home security is an investment. But if these improvements mean that you can sleep more soundly at night knowing that no one can gain access to your property and put you at risk, then it’s definitely worth every penny you pay. Call Doorricade today and learn more about the best ways how to reinforce a door and the benefits of our product!

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