Secure your door with a proper

Door Security Bar

"The best way to fight crime is to prevent it"

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doorricade door security bar kit
doorricade patented product door security bar

Secure your door with a proper

Door Security Bar

"The best way to fight crime is to prevent it"

Get The Doorricade Size You Need Today!

Click below for Custom Single Door Bar Sizes 32"-38"

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Doorricade Security Bar Door
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doorricade patented product door security bar

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According to the latest burglary statistics, home burglaries are a pretty prevalent crime that occur more often than many people would believe.

  • 65% of burglars are already well-acquainted with the people they rob.
  • Only 12% of home invasion’s are planned in advanced.
  • There are almost 3 burglaries every minute in the US.
  • 85% of home invasions are not conducted by professional burglars.
  • 62% of burglaries happen during daylight hours.

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Install Your Door Security Bar in 6 Easy Steps

step 1


choose the desired height and mark the holes on hinge bracket

step 2


Pre-drill holes with 1/8" drill bit

step 3


Install the swing-away brackets (3" screws)

steps for doorricade installationdoorricade door security bar


Use 3M tape to glue the EVA spacer to the back of the door bar

steps for doorricade installation doorricade door security bar


Place the door bar into the hinge catch

steps for doorricade installation doorricade door security bar


Close the pivot lock. Now your door is secure!

doorricade box

The Doorricade Door Security Bar is the most effective door bar on the market to prevent break-ins on your property. Made of a solid premium grade aluminum bar and stainless steel hinge brackets. This innovative design allows for the easy installation of hinge brackets to be mounted between the door and door jamb. The eight three-inch screws provided in the packaging are long enough to reach the wall studs on both sides of the door. When your Doorricade is not in use, the hinge brackets fold flat against the door molding.

Door security bars are typically available in a range of sizes to fit different door widths and types of doors. The most common door security bar sizes in America are likely to be those that fit standard residential doors, which are typically around 36 inches wide. However, security bars are also available in other sizes to fit wider or narrower doors.

Designed for inward opening doors. Make sure you order the correct size bar for your door. For example, a 36″ wide door would need a 38″ long bar. 

It’s important to choose a security bar that is the right size for your door to ensure that it fits securely and provides adequate protection. If you are unsure what size security bar you need, you can measure the width of your door and add 2 inches because the bar overlaps an inch on either side. If you need help, consult with Doorricade customer support. Doorricade is the highest level security door bar for residential applications. Use Doorricade to block access to critical areas of your home like bedrooms, garage access doors, etc. Many people choose to designate a bedroom as a saferoom with our product.

The Doorricade Door Security Bar comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

No door barricade bar or security device is guaranteed to prevent crime, but when used properly can prevent a break-in from the #1 way criminals enter a home.

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A security door bar for inward opening front doors, safe rooms & more!

You and your loved ones can join the families sleeping better at night, thanks to the Doorricade security door bar

Here is what comes with each Doorricade bar size

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doorricade door security bar box
doorricade door security bar
doorricade door security bar installation instructions
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Frequently Asked Questions

A: This product is perfect for school classrooms. The bar also comes in custom sizes for wider doors. The solid aluminum bar only weighs a few pounds so it is practical for quick emergency situations. Thank you for your interest. 

A: You can install this on an interior door just the same. You might have to trace around where the hinge is being mounted and notch out 1/8” deep for door clearance.

A: The part of the bracket that gets screwed into the door jamb is 4 inches high by 2 inches wide and the part that holds the bar is 2 inches wide by 2 inches high.

A: Yes 3 inch screws are provided.

A: Sure, even if the window is most of the door, you can put the bar above or below the glass, it still won’t let the door open.

A: My neighbor is a cop, so before we installed a new door, he used his battering ram on it, and after 7 tries he gave up. If someone were to pick your lock, they would not stand a chance.

A: Only inward opening doors for this device.

A: The bar is a solid aluminum with a lifetime guarantee on all parts.

A: No it doesn’t but should be close to being flush. I can’t give you an exact distance from flush.

A: The only damage to your doorway is four screw holes on either side of the door jamb, which is in between the door and the jamb. The hinges when the bar is not in use lay flat against the trim molding but do not damage it.

A: It does work with metal frame doors. You just need to have the right drill bit.

A: Absolutely. Some people even put two bars on their door just in case of a situation like that and separate them two feet in height. I put two on my bedroom after the 2020 riots, I sleep better at night knowing i’m safe.

A: This bar was tested at 6500 pounds of pressure and is anchored by four 3″ screws which reach the wall studs. This device offers the highest level forcible entry protection.