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Doorricade Door Security Bar: Custom Size Bar’s

Pricing by door width:

Doors up to 30″ get this 32″ long bar $89.95

Doors up to 31-32″ get this 34″ long bar $98.95

Doors up to 33-36″ get this 38″ long bar $98.95

click on the green size options below for purchase

Doors up to 30" get this 32" long bar

Doors up to 31-32" get this 34" long bar

Doors up to 33-36" get this 38" long bar

click on the green size options below for purchase

* All items will be shipped the next business day. We only offer FREE SHIPPING within the continental United States, Canada may require a shipping charge.

Choose a custom size that will fit your door

Example: A door that measures  35 1/4” wide, would require a 38” Long bar. You need A minimum of 1 inch overlap on either side in order for the bar to sit properly on the hooks.

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FREE Shipping within the continental United States.
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Product Description

  • We want to make sure you are ordering the right size bar for your door. Example: If you have a 35 1/4” wide door, you will need a 38” long bar. The bar has to overlap the hinge brackets by one inch on either side.
  • 【Sleep Better at Night】A Proper Door Security Bar is Supported by the Wall Studs on Both Sides of the Door and has Quick Release Locks. Doorricade Owners Understand, the Best Way to Fight Crime, is to Prevent it.
  • 【Easy to Install】This is a True DIY Product. Just Choose the Desired Height, Mark and Drill holes with a 1/8″ Drill Bit , Install the Screws and Place the Bar on Hinge Brackets . Now your Door is Secure.
  • 【Various Sizes】The Doorricade Security Door Bar comes in sizes ranging from 30″ – 60″ long. Keep in mind, the bar is longer than the width of the door, because it overlaps the hinge brackets by one inch on either side.
  • 【Highest Quality Materials】The Door barricade bar with protective end caps is made of solid aluminum, which is strong and lightweight. The Heavy Duty Hinge Brackets and Screws are Both Made From the Highest Quality Stainless-Steel and Come With a Lifetime Warranty.
  • 【Package Includes】A Solid aluminum Security door Bar, 2-Stainless-Steel Hinge Brackets (Left & Right), 8- Three inch Stainless-Steel screws, 1- Foam Bar spacer with 3M VHB, Installation Instructions and High Quality Packaging
  • 【Unique Design】The Hinge Brackets with Quick-Access Thumb Locks Fold Flat Against the Trim Molding When Not in Use and the Three Inch Screws are Long Enough to Reach the Wall Studs on Both Sides of the Door. This Provides the Highest Level Forcible Entry Rating. We Also Include a Black Foam spacer that Goes onto the Backside of the Bar. This Fills the Gap Between the Door and the Bar for a Snug Fit.